We’re committed to Ride Safety!

Here is a bit about our ride safety requirements

To ensure that we all ride and arrive safely…there are inherent dangers when riding in a large group of motorcycles…some simple rules have enabled our chapter to ride in large groups safely.

Make sure your bike is mechanically ready for a run. If you are having problems sort them out before the run, otherwise you will just inconvenience others, or even the entire group. No bald tyres.


Make sure you have fuelled up prior to congregating for the ride.

Listen to the Road Captain’s instructions before each ride. The directions and any changes will be detailed at this meeting. If you have any questions ask them at this time.

The Road Captains have been given the responsibility to set the pace and get to the final location as a group safely (even if they might get lost enroute occasionally!).

Stay in the same lane as the Road Captain, riding in a staggered formation where appropriate – not side by side. Frustrated drivers, blocked by a group of bikes spread across several lanes, are dangerous.

Ride in a staggered formation maintaining two seconds gap behind the bike directly in front of you and one second behind the bike in the same lane though beside and ahead of you.

Avoid harsh acceleration or braking, anticipate conditions ahead of the pack and maximise smooth throttle control of your bike.

On winding narrow roads formation riding is not necessary. Single file may be indicated through the pack by hand signals.

Overtaking is ultimately your responsibility and it goes without saying to do so safely.

Constantly check on the position of the rider behind you. If you find yourself at the end of group that has split up, wait and direct the remaining group at a turn.

If you break down or there is any problem such as loose or lost gear, ‘ tail end Charlie’ will stop and assist you. Indicate your intention and move to the side of the road safely. The rest of the pack should not stop at this time.